willmoravitzJanuary 26, 2020
Dr. Will Moravitz
Political Science Professor

Dr. Will Moravitz teaches at Northwest College.  He spoke about how the Supreme Court started and where it is today.



George PaulOctober 27, 2020
Donna Campbell

The country where Mozart was born transformed into a controlled society known as Austria.  Mr. Paul spoke about his first hand experience societal consequences of socialism. 

Steve CehOctober 27, 2020
Steve Ceh
Trump Train Founder

Steve spoke about his motivation for creating the Trump Train in New Braunfels. 

Dr. Donna CampbellSeptember 24, 2020
Donna Campbell
Dist 25 Texas Senator


Nathan McDanielAugust 25, 2020
Nathan McDaniel
Campaign Manager

Nathan McDaniel, Campaign Manager, for Congressman Chip Roy, addressed the RCCC and reported on the current conditions leading up to the November 3rd Presidential Election. 

markreynoldsFebruary 25, 2020
Mark Reynolds
Comal County Sheriff

Mark Reynolds updated the club members on the progress of the new Comal County jail construction and shared his thoughts on law enforcement in our county. 

January 21, 2020
Alma Jackson
RPT Vice Chairman

Republican Party of Texas Vice Chairman Alma Jackson shared with the club members the Republican Party of Texas' vision.  During her travels in Texas, a young man brought up a new logo for the GOP, calling it the GOPportunity.  She shared what the party of Texas stands for.

leahmckenzieOctober 29, 2019
Leah Macias and McKenzie Taylor
Patriot Academy

Leah and McKenzie are students of the Patriot Academy.  They spoke about the Patriot Academy-Capitol Boot Camps which is an elite leadership training program specializing in applied civics with a Biblical ~ Historical ~ Constitutional foundation. 

donnacampbell1September 24, 2019
Donna Campbell
District 25 Texas Senator

Senator Donna Campbell spoke of the update on the 86th Texas Legislature.  She spoke of the various bills she and other legislatures filed, where they landed in the process and which ones were signed into law.  

mikealgarciaAugust 27, 2019
Mikael Garcia

As a former liberal Democrat, Mike Garcia discussed the various differences in the philosophies of Democrats and Republicans. Mike has over a decade of experience working for different Texas House members spanning the political spectrum. 

kylebiedermann1July 30, 2019
Kyle Biederman
District 73 Texas Representative

Freedom Caucus champion, Representative Kyle Biedermann reported on the affairs of state at the Capital during the Texas 86h legislative session.  Biedermann encouraged the members to stay engaged and provided feedback so their voices can be heard. 

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